Friday, December 5, 2014

Get Outdoors

Despite what people think, I am not buried in snow 9 months of the year. I live on the West Coast, what I commonly refer to as the Best Coast. For those who are geographically challenged, I am just above the state of Washington (think Seattle), and our weather is quite similar. During the winter season, it can get cold, but it is December 5th today and we have no snow. We do, however, have rain.

When it starts to get chilly, it is only natural to withdraw inside. Like a bear, I too enjoy hibernation. Unfortunately, the job and living life gets in the way of sleeping a season away. But am I the only one who relishes the thought of gorging on food, then sleeping for four months?

Now, I don't like snow, but I love the freshness in the air when Winter arrives. Cold nipping at your cheeks. While it is detrimental to my fingers to spend excessive amounts of time outside, there are a few adventures I love having. The number one is going to the beach when it is chilly. No one is there and the waves always seem more wild. Walking in the rain is another favourite. It's almost as though you can hear the trees exhale in appreciation.

Once the snow does arrive, I will build snow creatures. Last year, the Sidekick and I built a octsnowpus. It was magical. And there is something soothing about the sound of snow crunching under one's boots. This year, I have a new pair of gumboots and I am excited to give them a go.

On the other hand, I loathe driving in the snow. It freaks me out. And that is why I dread it. Also, when the white snow turns to slush, it makes the world look dirtier.

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