Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Live Clean

This has and never will be a beauty blog. Mostly because what my idea of beauty isn't exactly what the world thinks. Individually, we are more on par with one another, but most people Google ways to lose weight and ways to apply eyeliner. I don't really have any tips for those things. Eat right and exercise and you apply it to the lid of your eye. See, if I was going to talk about beauty things my posts wouldn't get past a couple sentences. Unless I get ranty, then things would spiral out of control quickly.

As you know, I am vegan. This means I am always on the lookout for amazing vegan products, both edible and non-edible. Meaning beauty things.

A couple years ago, I stumbled on a company called Live Clean. It's a wonderful Canadian company that specializes in producing vegan friendly beauty products. Back then, I could only find shampoo and conditioner and hand soap, but these days you can get body lotions and washes as well. In fact, today, I just discovered they sell a facial cleansing/moisturizing line. The truth is, I actually went out in search of these products. I figured they *had* to have a line for skin care. And they did! Imagine my joy. I almost walked out without it too because it was hidden on the bottom shelf. Because I am on a very tight budget, I only picked up the cleanser and toner, but I really want the moisturizers.

Things only get better too! The products this company develops are actually available at boxy stores like London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart. This is awesome because these types of stores don't actually sell a lot of vegan-friendly items. Don't get me wrong, they are getting better. As the years go by and people become more conscious of what is in their face creams and the testing involved, more of these animal friend products are popping up. And, from where I stand, if the product says it has never been tested on animals, then it is a step in the right direction.

But a lot of these 'against animal testing' products aren't actually the best for you. They have parbens and sulphates and terrible packaging. But the Live Clean brand is leading the pack in sustainability and renew-ability. They are plant derived, hypoallergenic, sulfate free, parabenfree, silicone free, and free of dyes ... well, instead of my typing it all out for you, why don't you just read the box for the cleanser yourself?

Long story, short. I love Live Clean. They have great packaging, a wonderful clean smell and represent everything I want the world to be. These are products you can use without feeling guilty. Right now I am using the body wash with the Argan oil and the scent is amazing. I also have the hand soap. And, on the upside, they are actually affordable. I have bought a lot of specialty skin care products from organic grocers that have run me upwards of twenty dollars, which isn't something I like to admit.

You can pick up the body wash and hand soaps for under ten, as well as most of the shampoos and conditioners. The facial products are a bit more expensive, but no more than $15. And I just used them and my skin feels fabulous. So does my conscious.


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