Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

It may have been a coincidence, but I think it was kismet. Today, this adorable kid was in getting his hair cut. His name was Jacob, he wore glasses and had a spray of freckles across his nose. After he was all finished up, I grabbed his shirt and held it out for him to put on. This is when he spotted my necklace.

And he said to me, "Your necklace is like Bellatrix's."
I replied, "Lestrange?"
"You know Bellatrix?"
"Of course I do, she's one of my favourites."

He seemed stoked. Not only because my necklace looked like Bellatrix's but because I knew who he was talking about. If there are people reading this who don't know what or who I am talking about, Bellatrix is a character from the Harry Potter books/movies. She's both fabulous and infuriating.

It's funny how this encounter happened this afternoon. Just this morning I learned today is Harry Potter's birthday and, probably not so coincidental, also J.K Rowling's. Of course, I had to pass this piece of information along to Jacob, who seemed thrilled to find out. And as conversations normally go with Potterheads, we quickly began discussing our favourite characters. Then, this happened:

"I also love Luna," I told him.
To which he came back with, "Malfoy's my favourite."
Words would not form. I mean, they literally would not form. Who likes the snivelling, evil, pale faced Malfoy? No one with a good head on their shoulders. Finally, when I managed to compose myself, I got out, "You like Malfoy?"
He nodded, grinning a tad bit wickedly.
"Well, I'm speechless. I've never met anyone who likes Malfoy."

His mother added something about how Jacob marches to the beat of his own drum, but I was too dumbstruck to tell her this was probably a warning sign. Oh, I'm just kidding. But I would like to say Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and J.K Rowling. Without the two of them moments like these wouldn't be possible.

It makes me feel both old and young to know Harry Potter was born in 1980. He's older than me, but it ages me to think he is 34 this year.

Next we will be talking about overachievers, like the one who made this bloody cake!


Mike Moffit said...

I didn't realize he was almost as old as me. Your glasses are still cooler, though.

Tee said...

@Mike Moffit - Take that, Potter!