Friday, July 4, 2014

Top Ten Most Awkward Model Poses

Today at work I was sifting through the internet trying to find inspiration for an upcoming photo shoot the ladies plan on having. Don't worry, this world wide webbing was done with the boss' approval. In fact, I was doing it to help out. So, while I was trying to find amazing photo shoots with a rustic chic, rural beachy, driftywood noir feeling, I started noticing something.

The internet is a very big extensive place and it takes time and a lot of wordplay to find anything close to what your vision is. I am not going to share the good photos with you, though. No. I am going to show you the top ten most awkward model poses. These are reoccurring too, not just one offs that models pop out with. Some of them are even high fashion go-tos. Things models are taught. Learn from other top models. It's almost as if they don't actually know how ridiculously awkward they look.

I have also named them, so they will be easier to identify when you see them in your day-to-day life.

1. Damn These Bags Be Heavy

Occasionally when given a prop, the model may realize it's too heavy for her to hold up. She can then resort to stooping or crouching in order to display the item appropriately without having to collapsing onto the ground. 
 2. The Broken Leg

Often used to show off a shoe or pair of jeans. The Broken Leg is a must have pose for any aspiring model. It takes talent, and flexibility to ensure the limb actually looks dislocated or fractured. 

3. A Titch Too Far

Popular among many high fashion models. A Titch Too Far is usually snapped seconds before the model topples backwards. Can be used to showcase skinniness and heaviness of accessories. 

4. Flamingo 

It is not uncommon for models to draw inspiration from the animal kingdom, such is the case with Flamingo. This is ideal for showing off the versatility of a cocktail dress.

5. Backwards Arms 

A go-to move for nearly any model, this move has two names depending on the placement of the arms. As you can see from above, this is backwards arms. This is when the palms of the models hands can be seen, giving her the appearance of having her arms on backwards.

6. Not So Backwards Arms 

Very similar to Backwards Arms, you can see the difference with this one is the placement of the hands. Unable to see the palms, the arms look to be on the right way, thus the name Not So Backwards Arms. 

7. Burger Eyes

Burger Eyes is a must for any model, except they usually call it Vacant Stare or Dead Gaze. Models feel better about being void of emotion than wanting to eat a burger. Regardless, you can see in the stare a need for sustenance, that's what makes the look so powerful. 

 8. This Isn't Safe

A great pose for anyone who really wants to show off how tangled up they can get if left to their own creativity. Not too sure what this would be best for. You mostly see it when a model is nearing the end of a shoot and starting to grasp for poses. Caution must be taken when exiting these poses. 

9. What Posture? 

This pose can be a little tricky to identify because some people will mistake it for A Titch Too Far. The main difference between these two vastly different poses is that this one has a more slump or stoop to the shoulders and A Titch Too Far maintains a very firm back and neck, like a straight line. 

10. Oh, Crap! 

Who better to showcase Oh, Crap! than Tyra Banks, the Queen of Top Model. This pose is hugely popular with couture models, despite how baffling it is to the rest of the world. I mean, it really does look as though they are squatting to take a massive crap (hence the name). But maybe that's why it is so often used, to remind us of that one great common denominator - going to the bathroom. 
We all have to do it. Creatures great and small. 

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