Thursday, July 24, 2014

For The Love Of Fonts

Today my friend Reb Rebs contacted me on Facebook with a very important question. You see, there's this project she's interested in recreating. Of course, she's pinned it to her 'I'm so crafty' board on Pinterest (really, it's the home decor one). The project is totally doable. A couple pieces of driftwood with places painted on them and how many miles away they are. When she does this project she will choose places relevant to her, instead of Nantucket she might pick Tofino, and she will use kilometres, not miles. (Because she's Canadian).

Personally, I'd choose really far away place just for humour's sake, like Weeks Bay in Alabama. Only 4837 KM away.

Back to the very important question and the point of this post. She needed my expertise in deciding what the writing font on the signs was. After much consideration, I went with Calibri, but swiftly changed my mind to Arial. Then, the conversation took an even more nerdy turn. 

Sometimes there is no doubt who your real friends are. 

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DAD said...


my favorite is "Spooky Font"