Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Know What's Nice?

The fact that it is getting light in the mornings.
The sun is coming up earlier and earlier and that's nice.
Before when it was pitch black I used to pretend that Christene and I were coming to work directly from the bar. It just made me feel a little more badass.
Now I just think...five thirty in the morning isn't THAT early, see the sun is out.
Birds are chirping, the sky is lightening and Pork Chop comes bumpin' down the road with T.I playing and my neighbors get pissed off.
If it's one thing that people get upset about it's when their sleep is compromised, and when the good guy doesn't get the girl.

Yesterday Christene called to say she was out front ready to pick me up and I was like "Yeah I'm coming out" but then I just sat back down on the couch. I was like what the hell are you doing?
I'm such an asshole.

I am a believer that my brain doesn't work until nine. Which means I'm at work for three hours before it kicks in. Is that scary?
It would be if I were a neurosurgeon, but I'm not. So I think it's okay.

And now a picture of Sean Connery, because he is a dapper dan:

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