Saturday, April 25, 2009

El Walko Of Shameo

Scrappy Puss got a call this morning at like nine and he says it's his friend "Bolton". I say why is he calling this early and Scraps shrugs and is like "I don't know". Later on it is confirmed that the reason Bolton called is because he was doing the walk of shame from a girls house.

For those of you that don't know what the walk of shame is, it's when you have sex with a guy (because it usually is only applied to girls) and you have to walk out of their house the next morning. Sometimes their friends are there, sometimes there is cat calls, other times it just involves you stepping out into the bright sunlight and thinking "I have no idea where the fuck I am". You have to put on the clothes you were wearing the previous night, not wash your face, not brush your teeth and try to find a way home.
Here is some points I would like to make on the subject.
1. Can you really apply the term Walk Of Shame to a guy leaving a girls house? Is it really considered a walk of shame at all? Is it only a walk of shame if you DIDN'T get sex?
2. What type of guy did you have sex with with that makes you go out into the world and try to find your own way home?
3. Why would you not be walking proud? You just got laid!

I understand that this term is applied to girls because girls are always looking for a relationship and when they are leaving the house in the morning they are secretly thinking "will he ever call me again" and as they slink away they wonder "is he calling his friend right this minute?"

Here is the deal. Assume is isn't going to call you. Take the night for what it was, hold your head up high and strut your stuff outta there like you were the best piece of Ace he's ever had. Also he most likely called his friend the night before when he said he was going to grab some water from the kitchen, so they already know, and they have seen your profile on the Internet or pictures of you on Facebook already too so by the time you leave their house you've been ranked.
And last but certainly not least it's only the walk of shame if you feel shameful. If you don't it's the walk of life, and you should walk it proud.

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