Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedding Dress and Being A Bride

If you have ever been engaged or in the process of planning a wedding you know that there is always ex brides who feel the need to give you advice. For example they always say 'it's the hardest thing' and 'don't compromise what you want'. Here is the thing about wedding's and wedding planning. You can't go in with this attitude because isn't compromising what marriage is about so shouldn't you ensure you compromise when planning your wedding.
You have to decide what you want and go from there.
I'm actually excited about my wedding. I want it to be fun and I think I am ensuring that it will be so.
We have booked the place, the catering and I have ordered my dress and we have taken care of the wine courtesy or a very very generous friend.
I told Jay he is in charge of the alcohol and if the day shows up and he hasn't bought any then so be it because I don't drink anyways.
Here are some notes you should take from me...
We went to two places to rent for our wedding, the second one was the one we picked.
We went to one caterer and that's the one we went with because it had a kick ass vegetarian menu.
I tried on one dress. The dress I fell in love with on the Internet and that is the dress I ordered.
So far this is a fairly easy expedition...I know it will get harder but you know what....so far...so good.
I'm a no muss, no fuss kinda gal and why should I change that for one stinkin' wedding?