Monday, March 30, 2009

What It Should Be

Ever since I was a young duckling entertaining myself with horror movies galore I always enjoyed a good Vampire flick. I had this thing for Bela Lugosi when I was 13 that was what adults would call unusual.
It's been a while since I have seen a really amazing Vampire movie. Especially a present day one, and boy did I have a treat when I watched Let The Right One In.

This is what Vampires should be like. Scary, blood thirsty and harsh. They can't enter your house unless asked, they are vicious and brutal. None of this shitty glittering in the sunlight bullshit. I hate it when people mess up folklore. They can't go in the SUN. THEY CANT GO IN THE SUN! And not because they will twinkle like a wingless fairy either, because it will kill them. And they don't drink animal blood. That's why they are dangerous, because they drink human blood!

Anyways Let The Right One In impressed me beyond belief. And I saw it back when it was in the theatres.
What started this random rant?
Well they are making a shitty American one that will be one eighth as good as the Swedish one.

I digress....