Friday, March 27, 2009

Gaming Affair

So I think I indirectly am having a gaming affair.
There is this guy that I play Gears Of War with all the time.
We were playing GOW execution last night and he sends me a message that says 'describe what u look like so I can put a face to your name'. Well my name is 'ViolentOutburst' and my avatar is this black haired girl with fangs and a sailor cap with glasses, she's really cute.
As you can tell by my pic I look nothing like her.

Regardless how do you answer this question?

I don't want to lose my gamer friend but for some strange reason I got super paranoid that Jay would think I was having a GOW Affair. It's a tricky world.
My response to his question was 'female', which didn't satisfy his interest. In the end I learned that he had a family, two kids and he was only 23. A little young to have youngsters if you ask me. Regardless maybe he was just curious what my ugly mug looked like but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was doing something I shouldn't be doing. Even by not doing anything.

I personally don't care if he knows what I look like. Because lets be honest I could be lying.

Not only that but how do you describe yourself without sounding ridiculous.

'Yeah I have dirty blonde hair that I only wash once a week, it's curly and really long but I never leave it down, it's a ratty bun on my head. I have two eyes that are this weird messed up green color, I wear glasses because I can't see without them, I have a shiny piece of metal in the middle of my chin, a little blobby nose, bangs that are too long and get in my eyes, eyebrows that are like little caterpillar over my eyes and a rather round face. On my forehead is a scar that my cat gave me and I have really nice teeth '

It makes me sound like a villain in a Disney movie.

It's just stupid. I could say all that and my eyes could be lopsided and I could be leaving out the fact that I have a tail and cat ears. How would he know?

This just goes to show that there aren't really many girls in the gamer world.

For all he knows I could be this dude:

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Monsieur Muckety Muck Muck said...

Wow that picture is amazing, try and find the video of the Halo kid, it is a new version of that kid.