Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Kissed A Girl An I Liked It

I had the weirdest dream the other night.
I took Leppy and Rebs to a distance relatives party. I didn't know them well and it was sort of an awkward gathering.
It was only made more awkward when that Katy Perry song 'Cherry Chapstick' or whatever it's called came on. Now I hate that song so why i would be dreaming about it I dont know.
Anyways there are kids playing games in the living room and adults sitting on the couches and there is this coffee table. SO the song comes on and Rebs gets so worked up that she starts doing this little dance, that is provocative and only made worse because she is wearing a school girl outfit, plaid skirt and all.
So she starts stripping. And I start saying "Rebs! What are you doing?"
Well her grande finale is to slide across the coffee table on her knees and tear open her blouse so everyone gets a t
it show.
I start yelling at her and she's upset because I'm yelling at her and she says "I'm sorry I just got carried away."
Yup that was her excuse.
And then Leps says to me, "What was her excuse?"
And I say, "She got caught up in the moment."
Weird dream huh.

Now I have a new respect for Rebs and that song.

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