Monday, March 30, 2009

Frivilous And Futile

There are not many "girly" things that I do. I don't wear make-up, rarely wash my hair, have never gone to a spa or had a manicure and the last time I had my hair cut by someone other than myself was when my dad cut it with a knife when I was in grade seven and I had lice. Basically I am a boy with boobs. I eat large portions, talk with my mouth full, make inappropriate jokes, laugh when people fall down and think farts are funny. I curse like a sailor, love Gears of War, wish ill will on others and would smoke cigars if I didn't find smoking disgusting. I am a womanizer, I have the hormones of a 13 year old boy and would make a half hour detour if it meant I could catch a glimpse of a fine piece of ass.
That said there is one thing that is my vice.
Beauty products.
Which may seem funny because I don't wear make up, but when I say beauty products I don't mean lipstick and eyeliner, I mean bubble bath, face wash, body sprays, hand soaps, lotions and shampoos and conditioners. At this point I would like to share some products that are top of my list:
Soft soap Grapefruit Body Wash-This stuffs smells like heaven in a bottle, leaves the skin baby soft and makes me want to eat it. It's relatively cheap and will make you happy.

Kiss My Face Green Tea and Lime Shampoo and Conditioner- this also smells like heaven in a bottle. It works really well and leaves hair silky smooth. Not to mention it is earth friendly. You have to love earth friendly products, there simply isn't enough of them.

Soft Lips Tangerine Temptation- I have constant chapped lips in the winter and this little product left my lips happy, smooth, and smiling. Not to mention I love the smell of orange stuff and this is aroma euphoria

Dove Cool Essentials Body Mist- invigorating and cheap.

Clean For The Day Kiss My Face- This face cleanser works miracles. I follow this up with the Under age moisturizer and it is amazing as well. The thing about this cleanser is that it smells like Vanilla and Tangerines, which I didn't know before I bought it and if I did I wouldn't have bought it because I hate the smell of Vanilla. This one though is different the smell is intoxicating and reminds me of candy.

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rebrebs said...

you're a woman after my own heart