Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let Me

Let me keep you safe inside.
So you don't have to hide.
All those tears you cried.
How you tried. And lied.
Together we will navigate this ride.

Let me five you my hand.
To help you sit or stand.
And ignore what others demand.
I will understand. This grief unplanned.
Perhaps we can run away to a distant land.

Let me give you the moon.
Allow you to sleep until noon.
Act like a total buffoon.
Sing every tune. Make you swoon.
Be the fork to your spoon.

Let me brush your hair.
Agree this life is quite unfair.
Take on what you can't bear.
Show I care. Always dare.
Tell the onlookers not to stare.

Let me walk you home.
Write you a useless poem.
Talk about how we've grown.
How we can roam. Never again alone.
Venture forth into the great unknown.

Let me build you a ship to sail.
Inhale the salty air, then exhale.
Just imagine the tall tale.
Of how you'll prevail. How you drank all ale.
How you found your white whale.

Let me make you smile.
Turn away everything evil and vile.
Sit and talk to you awhile.
Walk a mile. Turn your dial.
Defeat both of our denial.

Let me validate your fears.
Bat away the danger when it nears.
Be there before the storm clears.
Wipe away tears. Unstick your gears.
Whisper the truth in your ears.

Let me be your friend.
Your broken heart I will mend.
Always be quick to defend.
A hand to lend. A letter to send.
And be there until the very end.

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