Thursday, September 18, 2014

Exquisite Disaster

People seem to be so concerned with what others are thinking. They are consumed with the opinions of minions. Worrying over thoughts and ideas they can't change. What a waste of energy and life. A completely useless task - fretting. To squander the most precious gift of time by stressing on the conclusions those around you are drawing. Let them assume and ponder. Let them wonder and whisper.

Concern yourself with only the thoughts of one. Yourself.

This is a mad world and we are mere mortals sentenced to a lifetime here, whether it be a blink of an eye or one hundred years. As humans we are fallible. Broken. And lost. We are, as a unit and individuals, hopelessly trying to find our way through the darkness. Mistakes will happen. Indeed we will fuck up. Hearts will be broken and harsh words spoken. Tears will fall. Cruel streaks revealed. Some will revel in their wickedness. Other will be swallowed by guilt. We all do things we are ashamed of. We all fall down and scream and give up. There is no magic marker to erase the choices we've made or hurts we have caused. This fallibleness is our armour and we can wear it proudly and say, "Why yes, I did mess this all up, but alas I will try again tomorrow."

One day I hope you may wake up and realize the bullshit of others need not apply to you.

Shake the poison from your hair and expel the negativity from your lungs. Greet every morning with hope and allow contentment to seep in as you close your eyes each night. Take note of the stars. Listen to the gossip of your peers and know it comes from a place of curiosity and concern, then let it go and reassure the world there is a point to this exquisite mess. Don't be afraid. Be proud and broken and free. Evolve or devolve. Move backwards. Drink. Smoke. Stay up late and play Tom Waits. Red lipstick. High heels. Stop mincing your words. Play pretend. Wear black. Draw hearts on fogged windows. Dream big. Be nothing. Dance naked. Hold the moon in your hands. Sip water from the river. Dip your toes in the ocean. Eat sweets.

Own your mistakes. Forgive your trip ups, let downs and back stabbery. Work through your own drama. Rifle through the hectic chaos of your soul. Confront your fears, doubts and desires. Battle your own demons and shove the skeletons back in your own closet. Come to terms with the person you were, the one you are and who you are striving to be. Accept yourself, and set everyone else free.

And embrace the exquisite disaster that you are.

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