Friday, September 5, 2014


The big guy Bruce went to the vet today. It's hard with pets. You love them, want them to be happy and healthy, and have no way of telling what's going on with them. A big gaping wound on Bruce's tail told me he needed to see a professional. No amount of salt baths would reverse the damage done.

The night before last, I noticed he was off. Sleeping inside. Generally looking a little pinched faced. I checked him over, but I missed the injury. Makes me feel like a bad parent. The bill was terrible, but we pay because we love these creatures and we want them to be okay. Sadly, I do believe our love is exploited.

Anyhow, he's home, and he's going to be just fine because he's strong. He's tough. He's tenacious. He's the Captain of the football team and he keeps all the other players in line.

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