Thursday, May 8, 2014


Sometimes it all feels pointless. And I don't mean that in a depressing kind of way. Actually, it's this pointless feeling that is actually liberating. Freeing. Like there are not strings on you. Gone are the blinders.

Have you ever had one of those moments? Where you step back from life? Away from the now. And you say to yourself - nothing really matters. None of THIS matters. We are a mistake. A glitch. An error. Some may say a miracle. A scientific anomaly is more accurate, at least I think so. One in a million? We are not alone, though we feel lonely. We are not happy, even when we should be.

And here we are, trying to fill our nothingness up. Our lives with houses, cars, treats and toys. Our bodies with food. Our cars with gas. So many things. We are doing, wanting, needing, striving for all these things. But we don't really even know why.

Mostly because we are told too.

So, yeah, it's eyeopening and refreshing to step back and say, it means nothing. Not in a nihilistic way, just in a 'I can't control this' way. And so, it is all rendered pointless. These moments of clarity are so nice. Even if they do come just before bedtime on a Thursday.

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