Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Sadder

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I can't say if that's for certain. Sidekick is on the mainland doing guest spotting things. I'm here, at home, with the boys. Writing blogs, eating salads, and getting annoyed when I get kicked off Netflix because Jay decides he wants to watch some crime show. I mean, he's super nice for letting me filch the privileged, but come on! I was just in the middle of an awesome Supernatural episode.

Anyhow, I miss the Sidekick.

It's not a dependency things, either. I love being on my own and cooking whatever I want for dinner, watching crap television, knitting, writing, being a better internet friend to all my interbuddies. Still, I miss his presence. Don't get me wrong, the house isn't quite without him. It's about the same level of annoyingly noisy. He's not a very loud man but the other boys make the most racket. What with all their barking, sighing, growling, farting and snoring - they are a very loud bunch.

Sidekick isn't. He's quiet. And he moves through the house without trumpets or useless chatter.Still, for a slender man, he has a big presence. He takes up a lot of space, while taking up very little space. And it's different when he's not here. I suppose if I was in my own home and not OUR home, then I wouldn't be so displaced. But this is our environment and it only feels right when we are both in it. At least to me.

Guess I am just saying I miss him. Am I allowed to do that.

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