Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Naughty Dreams

All I wanted was a naughty dream last night. Instead of doing unmentionable thing with people I cannot mention I murdered someone. It was a strange dream, one where I decapitated someone and then flattened their head into a pancake and then, in a rush of panic, tried to tear their face into pieces and flush it down the toilet. Even though it was unexpected, and not what I wanted to dream about at all, it did teach me something.

I wouldn't be able to avoid the guilt of killing someone.

Therefore I will try my best not to take someones life.

The other night Scraps says to me, "If you were guaranteed a publishing contract worth millions of dollars would you strangle a stray cat to death?"

My response was, "What does the cat look like?"

Now of course, I was joking. I couldn't strangle any animal to death. This morning I saw a raccoon limping across the street and got a little weepy that he might not be making hit home to Mrs. Coon this evening. (Mrs. Coon sounds really bad...) But the point is, if I can't handle an injured animal, I highly doubt I could extinguish one's life.

I never understood hunting for sport. Here is my thing...

They say serial killers are often noted as children who like to hurt and kill animals. What is a hunter? They enjoy hunting and hurting animals. Actually, they feel a sense of pride to killing an unarmed four legged creature. Most hunters are taught from an early age how to kill a buck or bear, often holding their first gun before they even reach puberty. Deriving pleasure from hunting and killing is, in my opinion, wrong. It is also a sign to pinpoint potential serial killers in our youth. In conclusion, if we include hunting for sport in with our profile for serial killers then our demographic for crazy will be broader.

These are the thoughts I try not to share with people. And I just blogged them. Oops.
I wonder how many people who have committed murder hunted for sport in their life. I bet that would be an interesting statistic.


Brian said...

having worked as a cop and prison guard here in salt lake city for many years, i will tell you that most serial killers are not hunters. in fact they are meek and cowardly. however i have no idea if they tortured small animals as children, but they certainly are not hunters. and the people they killed were ALWAYS smaller than them. Serial killers never target someone who can kick the hell out of them. okay, i would say that 95% of the cops and prison guards that i have worked with were hunters. big-time hunters. way in love with thier guns and thier rifles and all that. for my part, i think hunting is pointless. but the hunters who i have known have all been brave honest good decent people...who just happen to like to blow the shit out of elk and deer and other creatures

Piratina said...

I hear what you are saying, but it does take a different person to be able to 'blow the shit' out of even a elk, deer or other creature. It also takes a different mentality to be a prison gaurd or a cop, I actually wonder about people who opt to carry guns for a profession. Something I would never do, and something a lot of people wouldn't want to do. In regards to the big animals vs small animals...Sure there are big animals hunters hunt, but they also like to hunt rabbit, birds, fox and other animals. Actually, from my experience a lot of hunters will shoot whatever moves.
My main point of the post was to question the difference between hunting for the sport of killing an animal, and children killing animals for the FUN of it. It is common knowledge that children who kill and torture animals are showing a sign of moving on to do worse to other things. Bigger targets so to speak. It takes a different mindset to be able to kills, gut, skin and quarter an animal, and it takes a different mindset to be able to murder, dismember a human. How big of a difference between the mindset of a hunter hunting for sport and a murderer? Is it not sport for both of them?