Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad Day

Sometimes you just have them, but don't they seem like an exceptional waste when you have one on a Friday? It's the end of the week, no work for two days. And you come home a little, grumpy, ball of hate. It's hard to shake a bad mood too. So you sit back on the couch, put on a show/movie you love, make yourself an excellent meal and just hope it dissipates.

Have you ever noticed how once something bad happens things sort of cartwheel out of control. You lose a button, you run low on gas and have to make a stop on the way home. Some stranger gets out of his car when you are parked at a stop light and tells you that "your tire is damn near flat". And you sort of hoped he was going to ask for your number. You spill something on your white blouse, strata contacts you and tells you there is a leak coming from your apartment, but you haven't turned anything on yet.

One thing leads to another and you're sitting on your couch listening to morose tunes and blogging about the crappiness of June 25th. While on the other side of the world the Brits are asleep in their beds. And all you want is to curl up in a blanket, eat something that's really bad for you, but all you can do is accept virtual Red Vines from a lovely woman in Utah. Not that I don't appreciate the Red Vines, I just wish they were real!



R.C. Lewis said...

Tried three times to post this from my phone, finally got back to my laptop.

Hon, I'll ship you real ones if you want. Just say the word (and email me the info).

Meanwhile, fresh start tomorrow. I'd find you some awesome YouTube clips, but you're much more skilled at finding them than I am.

The fact that you have had a day that's THIS bad means you'll have to have a day that's equally good. Let's look forward to that.

LA Dale said...

I had a day like that on Wednesday. One thing led to another and someone was lucky their head didn't get snapped off. Hmm.
Luckily I got over it. Hope you have honey x

Stacey Danson said...

Gotta be something in the heavens controlling shit days in both hemispheres...i had a disagreement with someone who insisted on ignoring my requests for space. I live alone and have very clearly defined boundaries. I also leave a note on my front door when I'm writing and sleeping so no one gets their head ripped off for disturbing me. This person persistantly ignored both....I don't think she will make that mistake again.

Grrrr...i hate it when I have to be assertive like that. I feel so mean afterwards. Why is it that some folks just don't get boundaries?

Love the blog as always T. :)