Sunday, June 27, 2010

And Then He Kissed Me...

There's nothing better than a first kiss. Unless it is unwanted and you toss a guy down a flight of stairs after (yes it happened-no I won't go into detail.) I'm talking about the first time you kiss a new guy you think is the bee's knees. Maybe you've been out on a date, you're in the car afterwards, he leans over and...


I am not sure if this is a girl thing, or if guys participate in this as well. The cynical bitch in me wants to write that guys don't think about kissing the girl they like because they are too busy thinking about wanting to have sex with them. But, the hopeless romantic in me wants to write that she is positive guys long for that first kiss as well. I mean, the other stuff doesn't come (no pun intended) unless that first kiss happens, right?

What makes a kiss so great? Things that help are if he smells great, had firm lips, picks you up, has strong arms, and is someone who sends your blood boiling. The issue of the the kiss is that there is room for error. On both parts. Bumping teeth, bad breath, wrong hand placement, pulling away before it is over, not pulling away when it is over. Kissing isn't easy, no matter how the movies and books and songs make it seem.

The upside? There are some people out there that just know what they are doing. Some guys just have it pegged. (I try not to think about how they became so fluent in the language of kissing-something about practice makes perfect that worries me) But it's worth it, isn't it? To have that knee quaking kiss that you think about for hours, that keeps you up at night, that makes you long for the next one. It's almost enough for you to abandon all reason and actually fall in love with a person.

And while I am scoping out guys and wondering whether they have the kissing skills to set my soul on fire, you can contemplate some of your first kisses. I've had a few lousy ones, but I've also had a few momentous ones. And the magnificent ones make the ghastly ones worthwhile. Trust me, I know.

Ingrid Bergman once said, 'A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.' And if all goes as planned that's exactly what happens. While I dream of kisses delivered by men in white t-shirts, leather jackets and ducktails (I was totally born in the wrong era) you can listen to this:


Sandie Dent said...

Yes! You are so right... the memorable kisses far outweigh the less enjoyable times. Great song too.

Noelle Pierce said...

Okay, I have to comment on this one (and I may link to it in my own blog) because this is an awesome post!

As a woman and romance author, kissing is important to me. And the first kiss? I get to relive the best ones every time I write a new story. And oh, there are some good ones to remember. :-D