Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Raining

While Vancouverites the province over get into a funk because of the grey clouds casting their gloomy shadow over the city, I sit back and breathe a contented sigh.

I love this weather.

Why people would move to the west coast if they didn't like a little temperamental weather is beyond me. This is what the west coast is all about. Rain, clouds, wet pavement, thunder, lightening, having to wear hoodies and use your windshield wipers. These are just a few of my favorite things. What's not to like?

People get depressed in this weather. I understand. Humans love the sun. And though I certainly can appreciate a hot day where I can lay on the beach in skimpy clothes and burn my pale bits, the rain is my lover. It sooths me to sleep by tapping on my window pain. I curl up in a blanket, sit by the sill and listen as the water dives from the eaves trough with a rhythmic beat that lulls me into a state of utter contentment.

The grey backdrop it sets is comforting. The sound, the smell, the feeling of it as it falls on your face when you look to the heavens. The way it bounces off the ocean when it drives into the water. The way it shines in the streetlights when night befalls the city.

Maybe I'm wired different, but it leaves everything clean and fresh. It makes the trees greener, more vibrant. It keeps our air quality cleaner by reducing the smog. It stops forest fires.

It washes my sins away when I stroll to the park.

Okay, okay. It's rain, not magic, but still...I love it.

It makes me feel at peace.

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