Thursday, November 27, 2014


What might first appear to be slacking here on the blog is actually a result of productivity. (Doesn't that seem like such a dirty word?) When I signed up to do this 365 Day Blogging challenge, I didn't really take into account November and whether or not I would try to complete NANO. Honestly, after last year's feeble attempt, I kind of resigned myself to not doing it. You know, because I don't work under pressure and writing hasn't exactly been my forte as of late.

Then inspiration struck.

And while I am OK with losing (I do it every day in one way or another) it turns out I want to be a winner this year. I want to WIN. Currently, I have twelve thousand words to write in the next three days. Some of you might argue and say there are four, but November 30th is, in fact, my birthday, so I will actually be eating cake on that day.

But surely I can eat cake and write?

No, I can't. I will only be eating cake on that day. End of argument.

So, yeah, twelve thousand words to write in three days, which might not seem like a lot. I mean, who can't write four thousand words a day and have a full time job, and sleep, and eat, and knit all the Christmas things? I know this past week has been a bit of a dip in quality here on the blog, but I promise it isn't because I don't love you. Actually, just between the two of us, I am so tired of blogging. This whole writing a blog every day thing has turned out to be quite an experience. I would love to tell you it's been an amazing experience, but for the most part it has become a burden, but I am determined. Even though I have already failed.

Failed I say?

Yes, failed. I went through to count out the blogs I've done and apparently I missed three in August, which I have no idea how that happened. I don't foresee myself writing enough blogs to catch up, so I've failed the blogging challenge, which is why I am more determined to win the NANO.

The NANO must be won. For no other reason than my own damn goals.

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