Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance Day

It doesn't matter if you agree with war or the motivations behind the people governing the soldiers, one must always pay respect to those who have lost their lives. Those who have fought and experienced the terror of war, only to die. Who enlisted to protect their country and our freedoms and never made it back to enjoy their own country and freedoms.

One must always remember those who came back wounded, physically or mentally. Who struggled daily with what they saw or did. And once again fought, this time on homeland, to overcome the terrors of war again and find who they are and how to adjust in the country they loved, the place they called home. To remember those who managed to figure it out and the ones who didn't. The ones who couldn't find their way back through the darkness and perished.

And one must give thanks to those who are deployed now. Who are still enlisting in the face of all this uncertainty because they want to serve their country. To those overseas in terrifying situations. The ones who understand they might not make it home and know that is part of the  job description. All the men and women waiting to get home to their wives and children and pets.

We must always spare a moment for those who have enlisted, are enlisted and will enlist. If not for them, we'd all be forced to go. And I can tell you one thing, I don't want to.

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