Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Naughty Dreams

Sexy dreams always startle me. I wake up in a panic and, for a split second, worry I've done something wrong. These provocative dreams don't happen often but when they do, I'm always taken by surprise, which is kind of hilarious because everyone knows I have a filthy imagination. One might actually assume they happen more often than they do. Well, they don't. In fact, if my dream world had a flavour it'd be vanilla.  

Isn't it weird what the subconscious serves up? It's as if during the day, I work to keep it in check, but at night it roams unexplored lands. Last night's supporting role was played by Chris Hemsworth, a surprise guest to say the least. A lady never kisses and tells, so I won't scare you with the details, but I must say, the man was very giving. If you know what I mean. Here's where I wink at you. Honestly, he was so generous that I awoke with a fierce desire to watch all his movies and become his number one fan. Don't worry, I won't. The man's fan base is obviously quite substantial and he doesn't need me making Mrs. Hemsworth t-shirts and trying to take a selfie with him while he's at Starbucks. Besides, I suspect the ladies after his heart can be quite aggressive and wouldn't be very appreciative to learn my affection for the man is based entirely on a tryst we had in the deep, dark caverns of my mind.  

And that's the kicker. I've never had a 'thing' for Mr. Hemsworth. In truth, he never really crossed my radar. I mean, I'm not blind - obviously the Thor is attractive. But he's a different kind of pretty. A muscular, long blonde hair pretty. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly appreciate a nice set of arms but I've always been more attracted to the impish smile and quirky haircut type of fellas. I think the only time I stopped to really considered him was when I was trying to riddle out why Loki and Thor had different accents in the Avengers.  

Naughty dreams aren't something you should over think. It's best to chalk them up as a pleasant experience and go about life as usual. Just between the two of us, I'm actually relieved it was Chris Hemsworth and not one of my co-workers. Sure, they're lovely ladies, but I don't want to make my work environment any more awkward than it already is. Besides, they don't want to see me naked.  

Chris seemed okay with it, though.  

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