Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hockey Season

So, I'm not a huge fan of hockey. I know this goes against everything Canadians stand for, but sports just aren't my thing. There will never be a time in my life that I get excited to watch a sporting event, unless they somehow end up figuring out a way to make Quidditch our National sport, which is never going to happen because they have yet to create flying brooms.

Interestingly enough, the Sidekick loves hockey, and my ex does as well. This means I actually know a fair bit about the sport. Not because I've read up on it to have something in common with my partners, God no, but because when you live with someone who loves the sport, you're going to end up getting sucked into watching it. A lot. I mean, sometimes there are three games in a week. Don't even get me started on the playoff schedule - something I didn't have to worry about last year because Vancouver's team sucked so bad they didn't even make it close to winning their division. I also learn not just by watching, but being talked at.

Oh, the stories I am told. Whether I am writing, reading, taking a bath, knitting. It doesn't matter. My Sidekick has some tidbit of information he needs to tell someone and, since only the two of us live in the house, I end up being his hockey buddy. The other night he even told me he knows I don't care about a word he's saying but he can't stop sharing with me. And I do listen ... sometimes. Most of the time I'm preoccupied so I only catch snippets of what he's said, usually the tail end. This makes me feel a bit like a bad person, but then I think, this man keeps watching a show I don't like and talking to me about it. Kind of his own fault. Besides, I don't constantly talk to him about things he has no interest in, like types of knitting stitches or The Mindy Project.  But hey, it makes the Sidekick happy and that's what really matters, right? Let him have his hockey!

Except, there are two types of hockey fans in Vancouver. The fair-weather hockey fans and the die-hards. The ones who watch the games when the Canucks are doing well and those who tune in to every single game and grow more disenchanted as the season goes on. The latter seem to maintain the hope the Canucks will pull it out of the bag like a bundle of magicians at the last possible moment. They usually don't. This can make for a displeasing home life. I like the Sidekick to remain cautiously optimistic. When it comes to me, I can get through a game of hockey a week with a smile on my face, but three is a bit much.

At least I have something to be thankful for this season. Roberto Luongo has been traded. This means I don't have to watch him choke when the pressure is turned on. How did fans stand behind their goalie when he couldn't function when the going got tough? Then he was made captain. Really? A goalie that's a captain. I can't think of anything dumber.

Anyway, now we have Ryan Miller and the team is looking really good. Last night's game was one to get the fans excited. It actually went to a shoot out and because they finally have a goalie who doesn't seize up with fear when a puck comes near him, they actually won. (Granted, Miller did let in four goals) But the fans will remain hopeful. That's two wins this season in a row. So, hockey season is back and I envision having more free time to write and keep my voodoo up to snuff.

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