Monday, October 8, 2012

G Is For Ghosties, Ghoulies and Gum

Yeah, I know that's three things, and how can I possibly touch on all of them in a short little blog post.

Like this...

When I was a little kid, I loved getting gum in my Halloween candy. To this day, those tiny rainbow coloured boxes of Chiclets make me happy. They only had two pieces of gum in them, but they were my favourite. The smell. The taste. The sound they made rattling around in their little boxes. See, that's a walk down memory lane.

A couple weeks ago, I bought some Dubble Bubble. We used to get these in our pillowcases too. This pink gum always hurt my teeth, similar to Bazooka Joe, both with ridiculous comics. Every so often, I like to buy something that has nostalgic effects on me. Candy. Comics. Movies. I know the baby boomers thrived on their pop culture, but I actually think it is children of the eighties who are far more entranced by their generations toys and television shows.

The other night Casper was on the TV. This is a movie from the early nineties and it starts Christina Ricci, you know, the cute little girl Wednesday from the Addams Family, and Devon Sawa, from Final Destination fame. Of course, Casper was originally in a book, then it became a television show. Seeing this movie made me think about ghosts.

People just love spooky things, don't they? They want to be scared. We are interested in the unknown. No one can argue this fact. I mean, we have reality television that is centred around ghost hunting, for crying out loud. It just so happens that the ghost costume is always the fallback costume because it so easy. All you need is a sheet and a pair of scissors. Now, while people joke about going out as a ghost for Halloween, there's only one person I've actually see go as one. Michael Myers.

I can't get into a blog post about Michael Myers, though, because H is the next letter on the docket and we all know I'm going to have to do 'Halloween' as my topic. But I was sitting here thinking about the part in the movie where Michael Myers comes in to the room with the sheet over his head and he's wearing Bob's glasses. This scene probably wasn't meant to be as funny as I thought it to be, but every time I see it I laugh. I mean, Mr. Myers clearly has a sense of humour.

As for ghouls, I've never understood exactly what they are. Ghosts? Demons? Zombies? All of these combined. Oh, I just typed it into the internet and it is telling me that a ghoul is a monster that dwells in graveyards and consumes dead human flesh. Well, that's not really any of the above, because zombies consume live human brains. I guess it is true, you really do learn something new everyday.

Well, thanks for tuning in Boils and Ghouls, and I'll see you tomorrow for the next instalment of this spooktacular blogging challenge.


Kay Kauffman said...

I miss Chiclets and Bazooka! Dubble Bubble always made my jaw hurt, though. And I was always afraid I would break a tooth trying to chew the stuff. But the scent...mmm.

Exmoorjane said...

HATE bubble gum and chewing gum and all gum really.
Ghosts? My father saw one that seriously freaked him out (and he wasn't the freaked out type - the only one in the family NOT into this shit).
I thought ghouls were geographical... maybe Arabic? But WTF do I know?! :D