Saturday, May 5, 2012


The moon is amazing.

Round. Full. Bright. Yellow.

Suspended in the air, no strings.

Just magic.

A super moon.

Did you pause? To see? To stare in awe?

Did you take notice?

I certainly did.

Mouth agape. Eyes wide. Breath captured. Heart skipping.

Utter wonderment.

Truly beautiful. Amazing. Jaw dropping. Gorgeous. Stunning.

My camera could not capture it, but I took a picture with my mind and will store it in my heart.

And as I gazed up at it I remembered that we share the moon. The stars.

They are ours. And everyone's.

Maybe we were gasping and pointing at the same time.



Morgan said...

Oh my goodness... We were freaking out tonight about the moon too! And your descriptions were fabulous. You're a talent, Tyson. ;)

Nicole Pyles said...

I couldn't see it!Too cloudy!! But I will live that moment through your wonderful description. Thank you for sharing!

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