Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Future Is A Marshmallow

In my last blog, the one right before this one, I wrote the line "The future is a marshmallow."

A very sweet friend on Facebook, Hazel, took note of this line and said it was another 'classic Tyson-ism'. That made me happy. It makes me happy to know people actually see the things I write and take the time to let me know they read/like/appreciate them. It also thrills me to bits that I even have Tyson-isms at all.

In passing, I mentioned how I want a shirt with the saying 'the future is a marshmallow' on it. Well, today, she posted this for me on Facebook:

I cannot tell you how happy this little drawing made me. First off, someone took the time to draw this for me. Secondly, I'm wearing a 'the future's a marshmallow' shirt. And third, look how thin I am. All jokes to the side, this gave me a laugh and left me feeling elated all day.

It reminded me of the time when Bonnie made me this:

Or when my friend Jennifer's daughter made me this for my birthday:

And I sat back and thought, wow, I have some pretty cool people in my crazy virtual life.

Sometimes it's hard putting myself out into the world. The blogs and vlogs are designed in a way where I maintain my honesty, with myself and everyone who reads them. For the most part, I do them to order my thoughts, so I don't go mad and start eating my hair (would that be vegan?), but on occasion I am reminded that I'm not shouting into nothingness. Most of the time, that reminder comes from a good place and is very rewarding. At times, it comes from a bad place, a barbed comment, an insult, a dislike or campaign of ugly. This isn't as rewarding, but it comes with the territory.

We often let the negative things in and allow them to needle us. Yesterday, I found dwelling over a woman who mocked the way I speak, not the plethora of shares I received on my vlog about Human Rights. Or the messages and kind words people were saying to me. It's the human condition. To allow the bad to outweigh the good, even when the good is ten times more prominent.

From this day forth, I say negativity be damned. There's no point in it. We shall let it go with the understanding that it is part of life, but it has no place in our hearts. I say it is time to relish the good things. Dwell in the positive. After all, I'm lucky. And I thank you all for the time, energy, comments, shares, likes, and laughs you have given me.


RobRow said...

In the past, when I was a Cub Scout (I'm a Boy Scout now), I never cared for roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Does that mean I had an eye to the future?

Tyson said...

You know what, RobRow. I think it does.

I miss you. Hope to hear from you soon. xo

Jasmine Walt said...

I try to live by this sentiment, and usually have no trouble embracing the good in my life. But these days my family issues seem to be putting a dark spot on everything. Guess I just have to keep trying. :/

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts, well expressed.
I have to weigh up each day, this way.