Wednesday, June 22, 2011


There's an old saying (not too sure how old) that goes, "If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem."

Genius words.

They are simple. To the point. And utter truth. This logic can be placed upon everything in life. Say you have a problem, and you are trying to solve it, and things are getting in the way of that. Maybe it's time to prioritize and axe the things making the problem worse.

I've had a lot on my mind. And I'm not even going to get into the complex web of my internal thoughts. Personally, I don't have enough time or patience to try and explain it all. And you really don't have the time and patience to read about it.

If I wanted to write it and you wanted to read it then I would produce the best memoir in the world. Equipped with glossy photos of an awkward thirteen year old kid with ratty hair, purple jeans and a gap between her teeth who just wants to make someone laugh. I'd put money on it that it'd get picked up. The secrets I could tell!

Anyways, that all is off subject. What is on topic is this - I'm taking a bit of a break.

This doesn't mean I don't love you. This doesn't mean I am gone. And it certainly doesn't mean I won't be back. It doesn't mean you said something wrong. It doesn't mean I'm crying into my pillow. It doesn't mean that my heart's been broken.

It means I am taking a break from the information super highway.

Someone mentioned that it feels as though I am abandoning my friends. This isn't the case, and certainly not my intention. If you feel I have abandoned you, I encourage you to contact me and let me pet your hair back away from your brow as I reassure you that you are still the apple of my eye. I shall kiss your forehead and tuck you in each night. I will dedicate songs to you and hand make you cards declaring my love.

If you don't know my email, ask someone who does. They may screen you first, frisk you for weapons and ask for your mother's maiden name, but it's all out of love. Just spread your legs and cough. All will be fine.

To be clear, this has nothing to do with a certain annoying rodent. A few people have expressed in emails that they think she drove me off site. To which I laugh and ask, what sort of car was she driving as she did this? I imagine it to be a golf cart with a pine tree air freshener. I bet she keeps her hands firmly planted at ten and two.

My opinion is that she is nothing but a pimple on the arse of the world. Like pimples in real life, it is best not to pick at it or try to pop it. It goes away quicker if you leave it on its own. Sure, it looks really ugly, full of puss and red, but once it is gone it doesn't leave a scar behind. In the end, it's her book not being finished. And Absolution passing her in the ranks. In the end, she's only hurting herself.

In other words, I'm unaffected. I hate to even address it. But the rumour mill is rife with wacky assumptions that completely go against everything I think and feel. Sometimes you need to set the record straight.

What was I saying...

Oh yeah...You see, it takes a lot of energy to be this witty, ravishing, excessively funny creature you've grown to know and love. And I don't have the energy to keep it up. Not right now.

When I get my second wind I will be back.

That is a promise.


Mr Ellis said...

As ever, great choice of music

Anonymous said...

Well said, Tee... as ever !!

Chin up, girl, do wotcha need to do and I'll be seeing you whenever, wherever !!

Big Panda Hugs !!

Dutch (won't let me sign with me account w/o signing up a!)

Sessha Batto said...

and when you do I shall be waiting!!

Eric Laing said...

Yada, yada, yeah, yeah...thanks for getting us worried. You're young and have time to takes breaks...I shake my tiny fist.

I had a baby, nobody else there! Change your text and font color it's too hip and get off my lawn!

Anonymous said...

Heartbroken is too tame a word.

Take care hun.

Pete McCloskey

Jo said...

We will miss you! Hope you don't abandon us forever ;) Take care of yourself and come back to us soon. :) xx

Anonymous said...

Teeeeeeeeee ..... I miss you!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(

Take care, kiddo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gev -- who ended up signing in as anonymous because it was faster.

J. Lea Lopez said...

Hey! *I* keep my hands firmly planted at ten and two! (new driver here, forgive me lol)

I will anxiously await the return of the vlog.