Thursday, December 2, 2010


A sweet, supportive, and superstar writer friend, Genevieve is going to have her book published. And we are talking by a big time publisher with agents and edits and hair pulling and stuff. Well, I noticed a few glamour shots of her peppered throughout her Facebook, and they were mighty fine, so I commented on one.

It turns out, these saucy photos were for her BOOK COVER! How exciting. She was asking people what they thought and then hoping to select one to put on the back of the jacket, or inside the jacket, or somewhere on the jacket.

You might not believe this, but...

To my surprise, Genevieve mentioned that she was hoping I would put my artistic talents to use and draw her picture for the cover. Now, I know she would never mock my drawing skills and so, I have done exactly what she has asked.

I think this is going to look lovely on the back of the book.

You're welcome in advance, Genevieve!

And once again, congratulations!


Genevieve Graham-Sawchyn said...

Oh, Tee.

I am absolutely speechless. Moved beyond tears. For you to have gone to this much effort, spent your valuable time creating a masterpiece such as this ... It's incredible. I will definitely send it to the publisher and see if they would accept a drawn portrait instead of a photo, because frankly, I think they'd be crazy not to.

Uh oh. I just thought of something. What if the publisher likes it so much they ask you to do portraits of ALL their authors? You'll never have time to feed us your vlogs! Your writing will have to be put on hold! Your blogs ... the world will have to exist without your wisdom if you have to spend your precious time producing all this art.

My god. What have I done?

Genevieve Graham-Sawchyn said...

Jeez. I gotta get myself a scarf like that. So dapper and professional.

Exmoorjane said...

What have you done to her neck? It doesn't look like that. The rest is spot-on though. :)

T.L Tyson said...

Necks aren't my strong part, clearly scarves and hair are. O_o