Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breaking News

Not one for Hollywood gossip, I usually don't give TMZ so much as a passing glance. But when word broke of Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds divorce, I must say, a part of me rejoiced.

This wasn't a surprise to me, though the tabloids are listing this as a 'shocking split'. Is there anything that is a shocking split anymore? I mean, if Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock can't make it, who can??? It's Hollywood! Everyone is supposed to break-up!

When Mr. Reynolds married Scarlett a little part of me died. You can see what I really feel about her here. I thought he had taste. I thought he had class. He slipped a little on the scale of hotness.

Dumb decisions do that.

Not only is Ryan a Canadian representative, but he's one foxy man. We will swiftly sweep this mistake (marrying this dolt) under the rug and pretend it never happened. Of course we won't do that before taking note of the email my friend sent to me this morning.

She only said what's on all our minds.

I have an advantage, I can talk to him aboot Maple Syrup and beavers.

Yeah. You heard me.

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Noelle Pierce said...

I love Ryan Reynolds (not that I think he is necessarily THE sexiest man, as People magazine would say, but he's definitely in my top 10--watch for a FYEF on him soon!). But I don't really understand all the hype about his split-up. One of the morning show DJs said, "he's a guy that loves being in love" and I think she nailed it. He likes those long-term relationships. Hell, wasn't he engaged twice before Scarlett?

My hubby read the news last night at his computer and all I heard was, "Oh, my God." I thought someone had DIED, he was so shocked. Er...what the hell? It's a Hollywood marriage. Don't 75-80% of them end in divorce? Why is this one so shocking? I'm confoosed.