Friday, October 15, 2010

Whew! I Made It

Thank goodness it's Friday. To be honest, this week was a bit of a pissa. And in truth, I am glad it is over. My body longs for a nap, my head would love to be cleared, and my WIP MC is silent (which isn't actually a good thing, because I want to finish the book) Discouraged with writing, vlogging, and everything else I put my hands on this week, I was pleased to see the week end.

I am sure next week will be better. For example, I won't delete my vlog files. I will finish my WIP. And I won't have to spend 9 hours cleaning my house. Things shall return to normal. If they don't, I have a feeling my vlogs will get increasingly more loopy...Currently, they are at moderate loop...and the loop-o-meter needle is flicking to the top. Hopefully after two wonderful days of rest, I will be back to regular Tyson by Monday. I promise I will deliver a Melodic Monday as well.

The grumpiness has faded. A little blueness remains, but I still did my part and delievered a vlog for the masses. This Ain't No John Hughes Movie went live this morning. You can view it here. And I would appreciate you passing it along through FB and Twitter that would be AWESOMENESS!


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