Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Blue Sorta Day

It's Tuesday. If you were wondering, Tuesdays don't get me down. Yesterday, I accidentally deleted my vlog files, which means I either skip the vlog this week or rerecord ASAP. I still need to submit my recording of an excerpt from my novel for a friend. One of my friends has given her notice at work. She's like the Beaker to the Scientist guy on The Muppets. I'm really going to fucking miss her. And on top of that, I completely forgot about Melodic Mondays-only because I am a bad parent and tend to ignore my babies on my days off. And I just got news that someone I truly adore is heading off again for a short while and contact will be nil.

So, I heave a sigh.

There is also the fact that I am winding down my novel. "In Wolf's Clothing" is well over the 3/4 mark which means I have a measly 20K or so to write. It will probably be done end of next week. The end is making me sad. I don't want to write it, but my MC has accepted that it must be this way. Funny how they always know best. All of these tidbits are making me a little gloomy.

The vlog thing is a lot of work. And though I really enjoy doing it, I must say, deleting the files is a real piss off. I even had them almost edited. Well, I guess I will see how productive I am tonight. If I can record it, maybe I can spend tomorrow editing it and have it up in time for Friday.

I wouldn't want to neglect my (adoring?) fans more than I already have. This is so uncharacteristic of me. Do you ever get sad for no apparent reasons? I want to chalk it up to me not being productive, but that's not the case. My novel is at 68k which means I wrote close to 20K in the last four days. Maybe it's just a sad day, I can have one of those, can't I?

To make up for the lack of music on Monday, here is a song...for my friend, for my lover.

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