Thursday, October 21, 2010

And By Thursday...

I am a Zombie.

Here's a general rundown of my week:

Sunday: Record Vlog - Bitch and moan about how fast the weekend went.

Monday: Up at four, telling myself I will take a nap right when I get home. Drive to get Rebs. Get to work. Work for nine hours. Drive home. Don't take nap, instead do some writing. Think, well at least I get to watch Dexter and Empire Boardwalk from Sunday. Go to bed around 11. Tell myself I will only read a couple pages of my book, read twenty. Don't know when I get to sleep.

Tuesday: Get up at four-thirty and vow to take a nap when i get home. Throw cloths on. Get to work, work for nine hours, realize it is a gym day, mope a bit. Go to the gym. Get home. Avoid nap, take a bath. Insist I will edit vlog. Start playing on Twitter, procrastinate till nine, do some writing. Hit the bed at 11 and insist I will get an early night the next night.

Wednesday: Wake up at four - contemplate phoning in sick. Weary sigh. Get out of bed. Promise myself I will take a nap when I get home. Go to work. Work nine hours. Return home by three (sometimes earlier) Longingly look at bed, but know I have to edit vlog. Spend four hours editing vlog, but at least I can watch Criminal Minds while doing so. Remind myself I need to go to bed early. Glance at clock, it's 11 - oh to bed, insist I will only read a couple pages. Pretty sure it's well after midnight by the time I turn the light off.

Thursday: Press snooze six times. Drag sorry ass out of bed. Put clothes on, most likely stained, and drink a cup of orange juice. Head to work. Bash head on desk. Tell myself I cannot go to bed so late, especially when sleeping is so fitful, tell myself I need to take better care of my body which is broken down. Co-worker asks me a question, I reply, "Arrrrgh gahhhhh braaaaiiinnnnssss". Have reached full zombie mode. Another gym day. Shoot death glares at perky skinny girls on treadmill. All I want is cake and sleep, a nap where I eat cake just before hand. Go home. Realize I can't nap, because I have to finish my vlog and upload to YouTube which takes centuries. Put grumpy face on. Edit vlog. Vlog fails upload at 11, I want to cry, but I set it to load again. Drag ass to bed. Refusing to look at clock.

Friday: No snooze today. Spring out of bed, throw clothes on, rush to living room. Make vlog live, post to twitter and facebook. Head to work. Work nine hours. YAY it's Friday and I can party after work, do what I want, the world is my oyster. Fall into bed and nap till six. Eat dinner. Tell myself I will write, but feel so worn out, I contemplate hibernation. Go to bed around midnight.

Saturday: Rest.


Sessha Batto said...

Tee - use the advanced upload option, for some reason it crashes much less frequently (although you could still erect a monument while you wait). Or, you could do the vlog every OTHER week and not be so stressed!

Toby Neal said...

The main problem, from what I can see, is a job that requires you get up at 4 in the @#$&!! morning.