Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quit Playing Games

It's six in the morning, what are you doing? Well, Leppy and I just finished watching, and extensively discussing, the Backstreet Boys and boy bands. Here is a rundown of our discussion:
1. In the boy bands of the nineties, there had to be at least two ugly/unfortunate members.

2. They liked to have their ears pierced.

3. We are still unclear as to which Backstreet Boy is the cutest, we couldn't reach an agreement. Leppy is about the AJ and I kinda think that Brian is hot--you know except for the fact that he doesn't have a top lip and his earrings blinded me with their flashiness.

4. In the music video of Quit Playing Games, why are they rubbing themselves in the rain?

5. Why does Howie take his shirt off?

6. If a guy told me to quit playing games with his heart, I'd kick him in the head.

7. Boy bands no longer exist because the male bands of today actually play instruments. The idea behind a boy band is a group of 'men' (I use that term loosely) who do not play instruments-IE New Kids On The Block, N'Sync, 98 Degrees, O-Town, Backstreet Boys.

8. Did these grow men feel ridiculous in these bands?

9. Did anyone other than Justin Timberlake break out of the boy band and follow through with a successful career?

10. We are unsure if these guys still have money, but they seem to have pulled a fantastic vanishing act.

11. Is it just me or does Kevin look uncomfortable in everything?

12. The jury is still out on whether they boy band will make a resurgance...and no one is certain how they would feel about it if they did come back.

13. Without a doubt in my mind, I know I have wasted at least fifteen minutes analyzing the BSB...

14. I am unclear as to why they wear matching outfits.

15. They really like to move their hands around.

16. The dance moves are lacking.

17. I love how each video is like a little skit with a storey in it. It entertains me away from the fact that the music is mind-numbingly dumb.

18. Remember when the Fun Factory appeared on the Get Down


Noelle Pierce said...

Oh. migod. I couldn't watch more than a minute of that video. Never being a huge fan of the boy band, I couldn't even tell you their names, much less most of their music. If it wasn't on the radio, I don't know it.

Why did they think gyrating like that was sexy? Oh, well. I'm weird cos I don't like all-male reviews, either. Clothes on or off, a gyrating man turns me off.

Anyway...what about Color Me Badd? I would count them as a boy band of the 90s, too. Great. Now I have "I wanna sex you up" stuck in my head. Thanks, Tee.

Anonymous said...

The most recent, ie THIS YEAR's Backstreet Boys video for BIGGER. Fun times-they learned to not take themselves serious. Surprisingly, the one I suspect was on your "ugliest, unfortunate" list has turned out to be quite nice looking!

And for another recent..
Brian still doesn't have an upper lip.