Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad Mood Sally

This week just handed me a pile of crap. What am I supposed to do? Make a little shit statue out of it? Prop it up on my desk? Put it in a cool glass case?
I am so off my game.

I hope to return to my game shortly, because this shit-heap week has really got me down. What the fuck is the point? Seriously?


On the other hand, I was looking for a crappy-week photo on the Internet and found this. Gave me a slight chuckle, but not enough to console me properly.

1 comment:

Rebs said...

that picture is funny.

Ok, so you should put your shit statue in a glass covered dome and when belle comes and opens it because she needs to touch it after specifically being told to stay out of the west wing by this big scary beast that could rip your throat out in like 2 seconds flat then runs away from the castle and said beast goes and gets her and saves her from the wolves..oh wait this sounds familar to me?