Friday, February 19, 2010

Where Are The Cool Kids?

I am the coolest person in the office today because I am wearing a Beverly Hills 90210 T-shirt I got from the second hand store for 14.99. It was a little steep, but I felt it was a good investment. No one else in the office is wearing something half as cool as this. Just saying.

I thought kids today sucked. But apparently, the cool ones are alive and well in Surrey BC.
My dad and I were en route to a funeral and a car pulls up beside us. It is a group of young males, they all have leather jackets on and plain white t-shirts. They have long hair and I swear to God some of them even had smokes rolled into the arm sleeves of their t-shirts. Regardless, they were driving a Ford Falcon. A FORD FALCON. Old school, awesomeness, amazing.

So I look over, and the driver has his hand draped over the steering wheel in that laid back, 'I'm a badass'kinda way. He smiles at me, he has dimples. And I swear to God, Etta James' At Last started playing in the background. Then my dad turned before I could meet my soul mates. Sigh.
Such is life.

It brightens my day that cool kids still exist.

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Rebs said...

I think I'm going to start dressing like I'm from the 50's