Friday, February 26, 2010


I hate net-speak. I don't get it. I mean, just type the whole fucking thing out.
The one I hate the most? LOL!
I mean come on. People are treating LOL like the new period. And they LOL over everything. They start with LOL, they end with LOL, they have it randomly placed in their sentences for no reason. If these assholes are really laughing out loud this much then the world needs to lay off the laughing gas. Give me a fucking break. Nothing is that funny. People don't laugh that much. The world isn't that funny. Actually nothing is funny.

Okay, some things are. Like my blog.

And half the time? I don't even understand what the fuck people are trying to say. There are all these abbreviations. If this is the way the world is going, I am returning to long hand letters. Fuck this Internet thing and computer talk. Sometimes when people write LOL, I want to ask, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?
Nothing I say is a joke. Or everything I say is a joke.

Look, I don't care if someone tosses in a LOL once every twenty messages. Yeah, I know. People understand it now, so use it. Just don't over use it. And don't use it out of context. Fuck it, just don't use it.

You know what I use. Ha ha.

Ha Fucking Ha!

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