Thursday, September 17, 2009

Living A Second Life

I am living a second life.

What is with all this technology?
Today I did a wee count in my head and realized, I have too many pages dedicated to myself.
I have a Facebook, Twitter, three blogs, an Authonomy page (for my book, click here if you want to take a look:, three email address, one through Yahoo where I have my Yahoo Answers profile and a messenger thing, MSN, Myspace, Diviant Art Page, Photobucket account, YouTube account...and I am positive I am missing one.

That said, why the fuck do I have all these?
I don't have THAT many friends, and I am not THAT interesting...and yet still, still I have them, and I frequent all of them...except MySpace, that is just floating out there on its own looking for someone to love it.

It is a sad state of affairs.


Selestiele said...

I just deleted my MySpace account, but I also have the Facebook, Authonomy, blog (only one and I can't seem to keep up with *that*), and, Lordy...five or six email addresses. Oh, and I'm on AIM, Yahoo messenger, MSN, and Google Talk. I think I need a life. *grin*

Monsieur Muckety Muck Muck said...

Wow that is a lot. Don't forget about your xbox live account. No wonder you don't sleep.