Monday, September 14, 2009

It's A Sad Day Today!

Today was going fine until I went to Leppy's blog and noticed her tags.
It is a sad day for me today. Not only have I been overtook by Nick for how many blogs are about me, but Krystal has also passed me. I see Leppy everyday. This is bullshit. It hurts.
Clearly I simply haven't been living up to my game. Although I perused a few of the blogs she has written and I feel I should be tagged and I am not.
In my mind I am still above Krystal and Nick.
At least I am not as low as Rebs-SNAP!
Here is the proof if you simply don't believe it:


C-Stene said...

Hey! Don't focus on the tags! Focus on the fancy new banner!!

rebrebs said...

total snap on me

Exmoorjane said...

Just browsing....just putting off getting any proper work done. Just mournful that, despite a flurry of reading, nobody read mine back...just, well Thursday.
Have read back over your last few entries and now have big smile on my the tit jars (can see those starring as a new avatar at some point).