Tuesday, August 11, 2009


When every thing is not right, I fight
Pray for sight & work to abolish my plight.

When everything is clean, I'm mean
And am the queen, of causing a scene

When things are okay, I stay
But stay away, tomorrow and today

When I feel small, like a porcelain doll
Into a ball I crawl, and wish I could bawl

When I am afraid, that everything will concave
I try to be brave, but long to be saved.

When I am mad, and think of what I had
I feel bad, about feeling so sad

When life is my friend, I think it'll be okay in the end
That things will mend, our rules we'll bend

When things feel nice, I try to entice
And make it percise, with a roll of the dice.

When day turns to night, I have the foresight
To give up the fight, and turn off the light.

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