Monday, August 10, 2009


Love is not without fault.
It changes over time. Sometimes it fades, sometimes it grows and sometimes it is extinguished, like a flame being blown out on a candle.
People are looking for their one true love. The one true thing that simply doesn't exist. The one true thing that is pure fantasy fiction.
But alas eventually love turns into something else...sometimes admiration, sometimes simply lust, sometimes annoyance and even hate.
Does loving someone forever and ever really exist?
Through thick and thin?
*shakes head gloomily* I don't know.
There are things I simply wouldn't stand for, no matter how much I love someone, no matter how much they were suited to me. Like cheating on me, or hitting me, or murdering a small kitten just for the hell of it.
Love is not what is depicted in novels or films or songs.
Love is flawed. Love is beautiful. Love is resentful and bitter. Love is annoying.
Love is waking up next to someone for twenty years and still wanting to wake up next to that person.

Love is poison.

This is what reading love letters does to me or listening to Nick Cave's Love Letter song.

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