Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't Mess With PorkChop!

I have only been in two accidents in my whole life. Both of them with Leppy and both of them in Porkchop. This morning we were rear ended something fierce, (not in the sick way), and this is what happened.
My first instinct was to ensure the Leps was okay, i turned to her and asked, "Are you okay?" about three times before she answered. Then I looked in the rear view and saw the front end of the smashed up vehicle that was behind us.... upon seeing the damage I promptly called 911.
Then we exited the car. Not yet six in the morning the gentleman who was in the now demolished Sunfire was swearing, shaking his head and beating up his car. Oh you heard me right, he was kicking and hitting his car. What an odd reaction! He did not ask us if we were okay (two such fine ass ladies as ourselves, i am shocked), nor did he venture forth to see the damage he did. What he did do? Well he had a smoke, a nice delicious cancer stick, whilst cursing under his breath. Not only that but he was wearing a delightful hoody that had FLAMES on the sleeves.

If you know me, you know that I have this way of coping with messed up situations. I make jokes. Usually inappropriate jokes that are completely ridiculous. Like when the firemen showed up I said, "Finally what we were waiting for". When the girl fire woman was standing off the side I said, "Guess which one does not belong", when the cars were driving by staring at us I said, "Get down on the ground and I'll sob over you.' Delightful comments that were only appreciated by Leppy.

But the best parts were: the driver of the other car didn't have his driver license with him, the tow truck driver said he was hiding from us because we cause accidents, and after we talked to the cutest policeman in the world J A Jenkins (what does the J A stand for? Just adorable?) Christene says to him, "Thanks for coming out and seeing us."
Yes she did.
Then we went to the doctors, got some pills, made a claim, had some hash browns and booked us some physio. Porkchop is a beast though, there was damage but she refused to be beaten...and she took a piece of the other cars headlight as a souvenir.
What a day, and it's only eleven.

The headlight piece still in PorkChop.

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rebrebs said...

Wow WOW, the flames on the sweater is the best part, I laughed for a good solid minute about that alone! I hope he gets in big shit for not having his license!