Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring

And why the fuck aren't I snoring?

I hate four-thirty in the morning, getting up at that time that is...although it's been a long time since I have stayed up till four-thirty. There was this random stint back in in December of 08 when I first got Xbox live that I would stay up till two or three in the morning playing it. Those were the good old days....but of course only on weekends because this bitch has gotta work.

The day of me staying up late are long gone. What does that say? It means I'm getting old. It's almost as though I count down the hours until when I am able to sleep. I look at the clock, and think, "I will be sleeping in less than *insert number here* hours." Baring any unforseen instances.

I am glad to see it is raining. I missed the rain. It's reassuring. I find it comforting. Right now it's hitting the window pane and taunting me that I have to go out in it....

This old lady needs to get published so she doesn't have to work.

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