Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love (to counter act the hate)

Well, yesterday I was a little ball o' hate and I thought to ensure the world doesn't think I am a disgruntled asshole that I should let you know I love things as well. A wide range of things as well.

Here we go:
I love watching the sunrise five out of seven days a week.

I love Bruce Springsteen, he is a fine wine who only gets better with age.

I love commuting with Leppy, usually there is comedy gold.

I love the term comedy gold.

I love the fact that people cringe when I tell them I wash my hair once a week

I love the TV show The Big Bang Theory and the fact that I call the main guy David Gallecki cause he was on Roseanne (I am aware his name is Johnny)

I love the fact that I have a music library in my head.

I love watching Oliver fight with Etnie.

I love reading books.

I love writing books.

I love my owl ring my mom gave me which was her christmas present

I love animals...all of them

I love to hate.

I love the phone message I have on my phone

I love my middle name, I enjoy being a Louise.

I love the idea of pen names.

I love the fact that my mom thought I was going through a phase with being weird. I think she is learning that it isn't.

I love that Rebula gets overly involved with the characters in my books.

I love hating Twilight, yet feel sad that my bashing rubbed of on the Rebs.

I love Sphagetti.

I love confusing people with my antics.

I love making references no one understands.

I love playing Gears of War on line.

I love the plant on my window sill at work, I name her 'Maven'.

I love pirates and cowboys.

I love making art for people.

I love eating popcorn at the movies.

I love the smell of eucalyptus.

I love because I can.


C-Stene said...

I love the art in my cubical.

rebrebs said...

You know what I

Monsieur Muckety Muck Muck said...

I love watching Oliver and Etnie fight except when he yelps or does his really shrilly bark.