Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Of Those Days

I hate headaches.

I hate the smell of meat.

I hate people who are veg heads who try to force their ways on others. Get over it they don't care.

I hate it when Jay cooks seafood.

I hate it when I'm woken from deep sleep.

I hate it when you don't listen. You never listen.

I hate leaving it up to someone else to tell me how good my teamwork is. BAH

I hate the fact htat I have no Judo skills.

I hate Filet O Fish. Not only the name but the idea of it.

I hate 4:30AM.

I hate people who only put one straw in their slurpees.

I hate it when people don't take me into consideration.

I hate it when girls blame their bad attitudes on their periods.

I hate liars

I hate people who never lie.

I hate it when people speed up when they get past an accident.

I hate other people who think they hate me.

I hate because I can.


rebrebs said...

That's a cool gun, I don't hate that

C-Stene said...

I hate the smell of Vinegar.

rebrebs said...

I hate the smell of vinegar makes me gag