Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Bonanza

Today a lady brought her baby into work.

When a baby is brought in, it is as if everything else ceases to exist. All the women's uteruses contract with joy and they jump over walls and cubicals to get to the little bundle of joy. Everyone wants to hold it and smell the baby scent. It is almost as if their biological clocks go into overdrive. Well, to be honest, I don't think most of them have biological clocks anymore. The hands fell off a long time ago.

Regardless, the ladies go baby crazy.

For some reason, the people I have lunch with and me don't feel anything when people bring their babies in. I suppose if it were someone we knew we would go check out the little pooping machine.

When I have a baby work will be the last place I bring it.

First off, I am not dragging my ass out to Burnaby to show off my little shitter.

Second, no one cares.
I might send pictures if they are lucky.  Besides, if they really were interested in my kid wouldn't they come by my house to check the little pooper out?

I get it. Babies are cute. They smell like baby powder when they dont smell like shit and they make goo goo ga ga noises when they aren't screaming their freaking lungs out. I guess I am just lazy and would perfer to enjoy my baby in the comfort of my own home.

That said, I would go anywhere where there is free food. So, if on the off chance someone asks me to bring my little pooping crying machine to work on a day where there will be free food and maybe presents, then I might go.

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C-Stene said...

I'd bring my baby to work and throw its shitty diapers into cocks's garbage can.