Thursday, November 19, 2015


I believe in magic.

Today, I walked past the ocean and ventured into the woods. The earth was damp from the tears Mother Nature shed the night before, leaving behind a sodden pathway and the most invigorating scent. And as I walked, I noticed the raindrops hanging off the withered leaves and bare branches. They sparkled in the sunshine, reminding me of the white lights we adorn our trees with, and I stopped to take notice.

It's easy not to notice. Easy to keep walking. Have headphones in and our eyes on our shoes. It's easy to pass the magic right on by.

No one has to tell winter to come. No one has to tell the season to change. The cycle continues no matter what. It turns and the warmth leaves as the cold rushes in. The year goes by. Leaves fall, only to grow again when spring returns.

This is magic.

To smell a new day. To hear the birds playing in the underbrush. To see the life of fungi poking up among the decay of Fall and to hold leaves bigger than our heads in our hands. To exist and be a part of something out of our control, something that will continue no matter what we do or say.

Magic is all around me.


Tina C said...

Nature really is lovely. We all need to take the time to see and respect it.

Kira said...

If I'm feeling bad about myself, seeing the Magic of our World makes me feel better... it reminds me that I'm part of that magic; I grew three beautiful children in my body!

My favourite thing is to listen to the birds on the journey down to pick my daughter up from school - they're so lovely and noisy!

Anonymous said...

Amanita Muscaria.. The red cap mushroom/entheogen.. Eat it raw for best results.. Micropsia and Macropsia. Alice in Wonderland was written while under the influence of Musciimol which is from Amanita.. You see nature in the truest essence. Not for the faint of heart or any one who is scared of death or still beleive death actually exists..