Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I keep losing followers.

On my blog.

On my twitter.

On my Facebook.

It's like rejection letters. You know you shouldn't take them personally, but still, it stings a little.

Do I not entertain thee? Am I not funny enough?

Before you go, couldn't you put a suggestion in the box. How can I keep you around? What can I say to make you stay? What would you like to see in my tweets, statuses, blogs and vlogs? Open your mouth. Maybe things don't have to end this way. And don't give me those excuses. It's me. It has to be me. You aren't the problem. I'm not kicking followers off my Twitter.

Maybe I offended you. Maybe you need thicker skin.

Is it my swearing? I can fucking curb my cursing.

Is it my inappropriate comments? I don't have to be so rude and disgusting.

Is it the way I think I am queen of the universe? Because you can blame that on my upbringing. I always wanted a sceptre and crown. Don't I look pretty in it.

I apologize for whatever I've done. Chances are, it will happen again.

I don't understand why you leave, without so much as a word. Couldn't you at least say goodbye? I mean, you just up and go, without batting an eye. What about me? What about my feelings? I mean...actually, to be blunt, you're kind of rude.

I don't need you anyways.

Oh, that's just the anger talking.

Ah! Another one, gone...lost to someone more amusing and with a cuter nose.

Whatever shall I do.



Sessha Batto said...

I'll tell you what you shouldn't do . . . you better not change to please some namby pamby shrinking violet bot wanna-be's - You're perfect just as you are!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for apathy, always the best way to keep your numbers up. I'm cursed with loyalty and a perverse nature - won't leave even if you tell me to go.