Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adults Only

There are times when I get grumpy from the lack of sleep. I get crotchety because I wake up at four in the morning to go to a job that stunts my creative growth, and which detracts from my writing. Sometimes, my back hurts, my head hurts, my soul hurts. And the realization that, yes, I am getting old sinks in.

But then there are things that make me feel as though I will never grow up and become an ancient cougar. And one of those things is the tea I drink at work every day. Everytime I read the package, I get a little thrill. I have a wee giggle. And the days don't seem as bleak or monotonous.

Here is a picture of what gives me a bit of amusement every, single day.

Hey look! It's Uncle Lee's Tea Bag...

KEEP your mouth closed & plug your nose.


John said...

You little Tee bagger you


John B (who else?)

RBW said...

"Wee giggle." I'm SO using that in a meeting today....